First thing that will draw observer’s attention is noticeable fact that 70% of Serbian territory is covered by water. Serbia is rich on various types of waters: drinkable, mineral and thermal and as such, there were used in multiple ways in the past. Therefore is correct to call Serbia, the Country of Spa Resorts. More than 2000 springs of various natures, confirms that name. Throughout the long history Serbian Spa Resorts have been visited by guests with a good will and by those who haven’t been positively orientated towards Serbia. All of them, from an ancient people onwards have the same reason for visiting spas being relaxation, healing and pleasure.

The same is today. Everyone visiting Spas now-days have the same wishes: to relax, to heal and to have a good time.

When visiting guests left material proves confirming to us with great certainty they had good time and that they were very satisfied with things they found in any of Spas visited. Serbian people, occupying the region, areusing all of available natural blessings. Own experience and hospitality Serbian people shared with all good willed visitors. As a part of Serbian tradition, guests were always welcomed and warmly received by their Serbian hosts. This is the same in present times.

So, visit any of Serbian Resorts. Feel for yourself your share of that Serbian hospitality. We wish to take you on any of the paths you select, travelled in past as well as in present times.

We wish you pleasant journey on any of the chosen Serbian Spa paths…

Medical spa treatment in Serbia has very long history and standards of spa medical treatments today are based on these foundations. Documentation related to procedure of medical spa treatments confirms Serbian authorities dealt with this issue very seriously throughout the history. Founder of medical spa treatments was DrEmmerich P. Lindenmayer who, in 1836, made protocols for medical treatments as well as for organization of the spa capacities. This initiated spa tourism in Serbia which today unites preventive medicine, medical treatments and tourism. Regardless of the historical circumstances, Serbia continuously maintained the process of the medical spa treatment.

Today Serbian spa centers are modern, adjusted to accommodate requirements of modern medical-touristic client. In this respect spa centers are preparing their capacities to meet all the needs of their guests…

Earlier, it was like this…


banja koviljaca istorija rusanda history sokobanja 1912

Koviljaca Spa                                                             Rusanda                                                                 SokoSpa


vrnjacka banja vrnjacka banja 1939 vrnjacka banja 1939 2

Vrnjacka Spa